The SAYA & Leadership Program

Washington D.C. – June 2, 2015 – The Sindhi American Political Action Committee (SAPAC) is preparing to bring talented Sindhi American youth from around the country to come to the capital and advocate for the people of Sindh from June 24-26. They will be meeting the members of Congress to advocate on behalf of the Sindhi American community. In addition students will be seeing the rich history of D.C. This is a unique opportunity for Sindhi American youth to learn how Congress works and represent their community on Capitol Hill by raising awareness of the gross human rights violations taking place regarding the individual’s right to education, economic advancement and cultural identity.

This program is designed to educate and motivate young Sindhi Americans to become effective leaders within the Sindhi American community by providing meaningful exposure to the US political process.

SAPAC’s mission is to raise public awareness about issues relating to Sindh and Sindhi people, located all over the world. We envision a Sindh where the Sindhi cultural heritage and Sufi way of life is celebrated and rejuvenated back to its previous glory, entering all political, economical and societal aspects of life.
If you are interested you can reach out to us at

1050, 17th Street, NW, Suite# 1000
Phone: (202) 496-5300 .

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