SAPAC’s July alumni meeting: check-ins, reflections and discussions of future projects

Executive Director Fatima Gul greets former team members to start July’s alumni check-in.

On Tuesday, July 14, Executive Director of SAPAC Fatima Gul and the current team sat down with SAPAC alumni to check in with one another, reflect and share some exciting project ideas for SAPAC’s future. Alumni discussed the unique difficulties and opportunities for advocacy during the current political moment in the United States. Although the pandemic has put distance between advocates and the public, political engagement seems to be on the rise. As a result, meaningful collaboration between SAPAC and the Black Lives Matter movement—given the shared experience of police brutality by Sindhis and Black Americans—poses a unique opportunity. Alumni also discussed the importance of social media during social distancing, meaningful community engagement, and their biggest takeaways from their time at SAPAC. 

For nearly a decade, SAPAC’s internship program has provided aspiring advocates with the experience, skills and support to pursue an impactful career in advocacy. We thank each and every one of our interns for all they have done for Sindhis and human rights, and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for each of them!

To view the meeting, visit our YouTube channel at SAPAC, or see the video below:

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  • Sindhi Americans are socially and politically active, having formed numerous community and political-oriented organizations. They maintain interest in domestic American politics, as well as Sindhi politics and the wider politics of Pakistan.

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