Congresswoman Ann Wagner Joins Sindh Caucus

Congresswoman Ann Wagner ( R-MO)

Congresswoman Ann Wagner ( R-MO)

We at the Sindhi American Political Action Committee (SAPAC) are honored to share the great news that Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO) has joined the Congressional Sindh Caucus. The Congresswoman has been the Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee as well as Chair of the Missouri Republican Party. Currently, Congresswoman Wagner is a ranking member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. She has established her main focus as the exploitation of women and girls internationally. The Congresswoman has carried this belief over to her commitment to forced conversions of young Sindhi girls. We thank her for joining the Sindh Caucus and showcasing her commitment to the Sindhi community and the issues that affect them.

The Sindh Caucus is a bipartisan caucus in the US Congress that was founded by current chair, Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA). The Representatives feel deeply about the concerns of the Sindhi community. Through joining the Sindh Caucus they will be made aware of Sindhi heritage, culture, and values. This will result in a deeper understanding of the human rights violations occurring to Sindhis in the Sindh province of Pakistan, such as forced conversions, enforced disappearances, and extrajudicial killings, etc. By joining the Sindh Caucus, U.S. Representatives are able to better raise their voice against these human rights abuses against Sindhi people.

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