Aaqib Chandio, forcibly disappeared Sindhi for over one year, finally released amid international pressure

SAPAC has received notice that Aaqib Chandio, and young innocent student that was taken in 2018, was released yesterday. Photos have surfaced of his released and reunion with Aaqib’s family.

In the middle of July, during the Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s visit with President Trump, SAPAC and Sindh Lobby Day participants attended numerous meetings with U.S. lawmakers, urging them to pressure the Pakistani government for Aaqib’s release.

Congressman Brad Sherman, Chairman of the Sindh Caucus and close ally with SAPAC, met with Imran himself and discussed the issue. Since then, Rep. Sherman has been continuously active over social media in maintaining pressure on the Pakistani government to release its forcibly disappeared Sindhis.

After the release of Inam Bhatti, a forcibly disappeared Sindhi university professor and activist taken in early September 2019, SAPAC and the Sindhi community continued to urge for the release of Aaqib Chandio. He was released roughly 10 days later, photos of which are included below.

We hope Aaqib has a timely recovery alongside the care of his family.

A photo of Aaqib Chandio before his abduction rests alongside photos after his release and reunion with close family.

Rep. Sherman shares the news of Inam Bhatti’s release and continues to urge the Pakistani government on social media for the release of Aaqib Chandio.
SAPAC shares the news of Aaqib’s release over Twitter. Follow us to see more updates on Sindh issues at @SAPAC.

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