Latest Sindh Guardian | Vol.7 Issue 2

The SAPAC team is pleased to announce that our newest edition of the Sindh Guardian is available and live on our website.

In this issue, SAPAC delves into a variety of issues affecting the Sindhi community during this time, such as the state of health in Sindh during COVID-19 and other pressing health issues, ISIS attacks among Sindhi Sufis and child abuse climbing in parts of Sindh, to gender inequality in the province. We have also included stories about Sindhi leaders and work accomplished in the U.S. House of Representatives to give awareness on how SAPAC is advocating towards fair human rights for Sindhis around the world.

The SAPAC team would like readers to spread awareness of this issue and encourage friends and family to read this issue and ignite hope among the Sindhi people and other groups to make a change and spark action.

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