Latest Sindh Guardian | Vol.8 Issue 1

We at SAPAC are excited to announce our newest issue of the Sindh Guardian, now available on our website.

This issue consists of topics that are relevant to Sindh today, such as the growth of the Pakistani military’s abuses towards Sindhis and the statistics of human rights violations towards Sindhi women and girls. The decline of the Sindhi language and destruction of Sindhi districts due to flooding and rising sea levels is also mentioned. Lastly, a call to end enforced disappearances is included, with an introduction to a U.S. resolution by Congressmen Brad Sherman and Jamie Raskin to end enforced disappearances in Asia.

We encourage readers to share this issue with family and friends to enact hope among the Sindhi community in Pakistan and other international communities to strive for the betterment of Sindh and Sindhis and become activists for Sindh.

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