March 25, 2016

SAPAC Internship Program

Interns play an important role at SAPAC. In addition to the President, Executive Director, Director of Community Outreach, Director of Social Media Development, and the Board, interns make up the rest of our organization’s team. They are a vital part of keeping the Sindhi American Political Action Committee’s vision alive.

Interns are responsible for drafting press releases, writing blogs, managing our social media accounts, and updating our website. Our interns are also responsible for scheduling meetings with members of Congress, attending hearings on Capitol Hill, and building personal relationships with the Sindhi American Community.

Interns at SAPAC also have the opportunity to meet many people. We send them all over the city and try to introduce them to as many politicians and Sindhi Americans as possible.

Our interns are not expected to clean, make coffee, or deliver mail. We give our interns the first hand experience they want and allow them to achieve as much as they see possible.

What SAPAC is Looking For in an Intern:

SAPAC is looking for interns who have interests in advocacy, education, women’s rights, minority rights, counterterrorism, indigenous people’s rights, U.S. foreign policy, advocating for the Sindhi community on Capitol Hill, as well as having skills in writing, communication, and research.

What to expect:

Dress of the office: Business and business casual

Food and Metro: A fully furnished kitchen is provided at the office and there are many unique restaurants and food stands available a short walk away along the pier. Traveling on the Metro is also convenient, the SAPAC office is just a short 5-10 minute walk from the nearest L’Enfant Plaza Metro stop.

Average Work Day: Interns can be expected to work most days from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m., however, self motivation is key for our interns, working from home is a part of the job at times.

What Would Interns Do During Their Internship:

SAPAC interns are responsible for a multitude of tasks including advocating for Sindhi people’s rights at home and abroad, writing contributing articles for the Sindh Guardian, attending and writing reports about various Think Tank events throughout D.C., and setting up meetings and reaching out to members of Congress to discuss current legislation that would be beneficial for the Sindh community. Academic advocacy is a new program SAPAC interns would engage in that would require them to share what they have learned through SAPAC with their respective college or university. This is an important program for SAPAC interns to be involved in because it will show not only other students the importance of the work SAPAC does, but show their professors and administrators that SAPAC is an internship site that would be a match for future students. In keeping with The Washington Center mission of transformational learning experiences, SAPAC interns will also be invited to various Sindhi community events throughout their internship. These could, but are not limited to, events with Congress members who support the Sindh community, attending luncheons and events with members of the Sindh Foundation and SAPAC leadership team, and invitations to events throughout D.C. that celebrate the culture of the Sindhi people and their traditions.

What previous interns have to say:


Maddison“Fati embodies everything that a supervisor should. She allows us to take the lead on many projects that she sets out for us and is with us every step of the way to provide support and make us realize how smart we all are. She allows us to do work that matches our skill set and challenges us us to try new things. She allows us to experience work on a professional and personal level by allowing all of us to take the lead and spread our wings. When we planned a youth advocacy day, she allowed us to include everything that we wanted and offered her feedback on how to make it better. When all was said and done, we received numerous emails from parents saying how much their children enjoyed the trip and she made sure we all knew we did it, together.”


Jessi: “Fati provides us with meaningful projects through out our internship with SAPAC. She figures out our strengths and what we desire to gain from our internship experience, and uses that analysis to give us projects that we will benefit from. This summer, our focus was on our youth leadership advocacy. We were given the reins for the entire project, and Fati offered support and guidance when we needed it, but it was entirely our project. It helped us develop so many skills, and to truly feel accomplished by the end”

lindseyLindsey: “Provides Meaningful Projects. The other interns and myself had the chance to create and participate in, an incredibly meaningful project, the Sindhi American Youth Advocacy and Leadership Days. We brought in Sindhi Youths from all around the country and had them advocate on Capitol Hill for two days on June 25th and 26th. This project took a lot of organization, detail-awareness and planning.  To see the kids enjoy the advocacy days and meet with members of Congress was so fulfilling after our hard work. They delivered letters to members of Congress requesting that they join our Sindh Caucus. They also informed them about the various human rights violations occurring in Sindh. Additionally, they explained current issues with US foreign policy in Pakistan, like the money being sent by USAID and unnecessary money for ‘defense spending’. These kids had an amazing time on the Hill. Though it was a lot of work running from meeting to meeting these two days, they also had the chance to bond with each other and enjoy some fun activities like going to the top of the Washington Monument and touring the Capitol building. I will always remember these advocacy days and the incredible guidance with which Fati provided us. She let us take responsibility and make our own decisions, but also provided advice for when we needed it. She is a natural leader, as well as a gifted mentor!”