November 3, 2016

Congressional Hearings

U.S. lawmakers and SAPAC representatives advocating for Sindh on Capitol Hill

Every time Congress is in session, you can be certain that SAPAC members will be attending hearings related to Sindhi issues. We predominately attend hearings at the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and have always worked to raise awareness about Sindh and issues important to Sindhi Americans through questioning witnesses and speaking with senators and congressmen after the hearings. Whenever we attend hearings, we post summaries on our website so everyone can read about these important issues.

If you’d like to see more videos please visit our Youtube channel, SAPAC.

Fatima Gul, a Sindhi-American and Executive Director of SAPAC, relayed a speech regarding human rights issues in Sindh, Pakistan at the Committee on Foreign Affairs in Washington, D.C.

Congressman Brad Sherman remarks on Sindh and congressional letter to President Trump:

Congressman Sherman remarks on Sindh and increasing budget for public broadcasting in Sindh, June 13, 2019:

Congressman Sherman questions Secretary of State Pompeo about Sindh at Foreign Affairs Hearing, 2019:

Congressman Adam Schiff discusses human rights abuses in Sindh:

Congressman Sherman asks about programs in Sindh at 2019 Foreign Affairs Budget and Priorities Hearing:

Sindhi Human Rights Activist Sufi Laghari speaks at Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing in 2018 U.S.–Pakistan Relationship:

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher gives speech on human rights violations in Sindh:

Congressman Sherman calls for the end of violence against Sindhi activists at Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing on April 27, 2016:

Congressman Sherman questions Secretary Kerry on VOA Sindh and Anwar Laghari in 2016:

Congressman Sherman discusses U.S. support for Javakh and Sindh at Foreign Affairs Budget Hearing in 2012:

Congressman Sherman presses Clinton to increase U.S. outreach to Sindh at 2011 Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing: