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Our Vision and Mission

Helping the Sindhi Community throughout the world.

SAPAC raises public awareness about issues relating to Sindh and Sindhi people, located all over the world. Our goal is to educate, inform and influence the U.S. government, the political process, and the creation of policies to improve the socio-economic and political rights of Sindhis. We politically advocate on behalf of Sindhis, raise international awareness of the gross human rights violations taking place regarding the individual’s right to education, religious persecution, female inequality, economic advancement and cultural identity. We act towards limiting the influx of outsiders and maintaining the majority demographic status of native Sindhis. With this, we raise awareness in the U.S. of efforts to eradicate the traditional Sindhi language, culture and values by the Pakistani government.

SAPAC envisions a Sindh where Sindhi cultural heritage and the Sufi way of life is celebrated and rejuvenated back to its previous glory, entering all political, economical and societal aspects of life.

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